Our Bed and Breakfast is happy to offer a variety of accomodations, to make your stay at Manderley the finest! From beaches to Manderley tours, you'll never want to leave!
Take a stroll through the beautiful rows of the Manderley Garden, more knowingly, "Happy Valley Gardens" and indulge in a picnic, all provided by the Manderley kitchen. If your feeling inactive, then relax on the patio furniture between the flowers, and bathe in the sun!
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Walk through the main tourists attractions in the Manderley home, delightfully lead by our tour guide, Frank Crawley, and see the wonders of what make the world of Manderley, "Manderley". Our unique and exquisite furniture is made by the finest hands in all of England, one of the most expensive sets of furniture in the world! Our dazzling angelic rugs are all handmade and imported from Sri Lanka, made with delicate golden fibers. Also, our paintings, which are located all throughout the East and West wings and the library,
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Cruise through our ravishing waters in the Manderley Lake! It's located just 2 miles from the Manderley home, to the right of Happy Valley gardens. We offer a full marina with hundreds of rental boats, raging from canoues all the way to yachts! Our marina is open daily from 10 am to 10 p.m, but after hours are available upon request. If you'd like to rent a boat, come to the Marina office at the main desk in the Manderley home, and set up an appointment for a tour of our selection of boats!  Call or visit the Manderley front office for prices and rules.

*The Marina is currently out of service. We are sorry for this inconvenience.
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If not in the mood to sail through the lake, then come sit on the Manderley beach, and watch the sun set! Over 5 acres of sand, our man made lake is a wonderful place to end the day! Order a smoothie from the Manderley beach cafe, to make your leisure at the beach oustanding!
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