The East Wing

Bedroom by RItz Paris at Wikimedia Commons
Bathroom by RItz Paris at Wikimedia Commons
Refreshments by Coruberbenda at WIkimedia Commons
The East Wing is one of the most luxury corridors in the Manderley home, and the most recently refurbished wing as well. Each of the 15 rooms, decorated by the mistress of Manderley herself, accommodates one ample King bed, several antique sofas and lamps, smoothly polished coffee tables, handmade persian rugs, and magnificent paintings! Also, all 15 rooms contain a bathroom, with a full bath and shower, one toilet, two sinks, windows and towels! There are also wonderful views of the Happy Valley Garden, just outside the bedrooms' balconies! Other options and ammenities in the bedrooms include:

High speed Internet (free)
Hair dryer
 Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner (refills)
Phone service
Television (with cable)
Room service- breakfast, lunch and dinner
Air conditioning
Ironing board & Iron
Alarm clock
Coffee/Tea amenities

Prices for rooming in the East Wing range between 250 to 400 euros per night. Call the Manderley front office for more information.