Welcome to Manderley

Welcome to Manderley!  Manderley is a beautiful estate just 5 miles outside of Kerrith, England.  Manderley lays over 50+ acres of land and has many world-renown features. One reason Manderley remains so popular, is of alleged rumors of a murder on the estate. Of course none of the gossip has proven true, yet it gives the beautiful home a tad of an eerie feel. With so many activities and amenities to offer, it is no wonder that Manderley remains one of the most high class bed and breakfasts in eastern England. 

A tourist personal favorite is Happy Valley, a beautiful valley filled with flowers and gorgeous views. We give tours to Happy Valley twice hourly, and visitors can feel free to roam the gardens or sit back and enjoy the wonderful sight. Another main attraction of Manderley is its gorgeous private beach. Guests are allowed to the sea during all hours, except nobody may freely roam the cottage on the  shore. The cottage has been currently marked off by police investigating the murder again, which may or may not have taken place over 150 years ago.

Manderley was previously owned and built by the de Winter family. Children, Maxim and Beatrice de Winter, grew up in the house with their parents.  When the parents of Manderley had gone and past, the home was left to Maxim to do as he pleases. Maxim, 42 at the time, recently had gotten married to Rebecca de Winter and they decided to take the house for themselves. The estate was prone to beautiful parties and gatherings that would happen very often. A sudden death of Rebecca de Winter paused all parties and social events. Maxim soon remarried and brought his new wife to Manderley and they got along swell. 

The de Winter’s sold us their luxurious home short after the second marriage, and we turned the lavish estate from a home to a bed and breakfast. The hotel has a full staff on hand 24 hours of the day, and they will attend to all of your needs. Your stay could be compared to heaven with three warm meals served daily in the dining room. Manderley has amazing chefs and the meals are always prepared for the guest’s delight. All rooms have spectacular views of either the luscious rose garden or the wonderful sea. Guests have full access to the library, morning sitting room, and the tea served daily in the back of the house. 

Tourists will sometimes come to see Happy Valley and the cottage, yet the most astounding reasoning for guests to visit is the night of the Fancy Dress Ball. Guests will arrive in various colors and styles of dresses, some dating back to the Romanticism era. Guests commonly stay in the east wing that has recently been refurbished, but the west wing is generally closed down. When the inn is in full swing, there may be up to 100 guests roaming the large estate. Manderley is an amazing place to reunite with old family and friends, or make new ones! Click on the link in the left for reservations, and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an e-mail! We hope you enjoy your stay at Manderley Bed and Breakfast.