To make your stay at Manderley more deluxe, our bed and breakfast provides several facilities inside the manderley home! Whether you'd like to stay here with your family, or come for a business trip, our estate is sure to accommodate your necessities.  
On site Facilities
Meeting room by dirtypaper at stock.xchng
Set an appointment to hold your business's conferences and meetings here at Manderley! Our meeting room fills up to 130 people, including a brightly lit and extravagant chandelier, imported from France's finest lighting stylist. Meeting room is available by appointment. Call or register at the front desk. 
Swimming pool by CitizenD at Wikimedia commons
Located just in front of the Happy Valley Garden is the Manderley Pool! Raging from 3 to 8 feet deep, the pool is a great place to relax in the summer with your family and friends! There are also several beach chairs and tables, as well as food service by our staff. Check out the Manderley Golden Fountain, located in the entrance of the swimming pool, another Manderley tourist spot!
Gym by Tadtanis at Wikimedia Commons
If your not in the mood to swim, then come to the Manderley Fitness Center, located right next to the Manderley front office! With over 10 different exercise equipments, our gym is sure to make your stay, a healthy one. Personal training sessions are also available by our staff, of course, all included with the registration! The gym is to be used by ages +13 only.