Staff Overview

The Staff here at Manderley is as experienced and high quality as it comes.  They have put in years of dedication to make sure that our residence is always at it's finest, and to ensure that your stay here at Manderley Estate is divine.

Clarice and Frith

FIrst, is our top of the line maid and butler service, at your side 24 hours of the day, whenever, wherever you need them.  Clarice and Frith both have warm personalities to help you feel at ease.
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Mrs. Danvers

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Next is our housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers.  Some may have their speculations reguarding Mrs. Danvers, however to other's dismay, she is just focused and passionate about her job, therefore as long as you don't get in her way, she will be dedicated to keeping your room exactly how it came... Neat and Clean!

Frank Crawley

Mr. Crawley, Manderleys overseer, works hard to ensure that the building is running smoothly, as well as clear up any and all problems with your overall experience.  He also carries out any plans that may be in store for you, as the guests, such as the anual fancy dress ball!


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Another wonderful addition to our family here at Manderley is Robert.  Robert will service to all of your dinning needs.  Quite the charmer, he is, ladies have been known to book a room for the night in hopes that he will serve them salad upon a silver platter for lunch the next day, and maybe have the opportunity to talk to him. ;)


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Last, but certainly not least, we have Jasper.  This adorable bundle of fur has been living as the pet cocker spaniel to Manderley Estate for 7 years, and adds to the hominess of this equisite bed and breakfast.

Our staff works day and night, in hopes that your stay here at Manderley is absolutley delightful.  Take our word for it, but just to be sure find out for yourself and enjoy your stay at The Mander